On a long night in Berlin, during which characters and stories entangle, Mia, Keks and Ian find themselves at a turning point in their lives, forced to make decisions they have been trying very hard to avoid…

Writer/Director: Mariana Jukica
Producers: Mariana Jukica, Angelo D’Agostino,
                   Jessica Landt
Executive Producer: Paul Gillingwater
Director of Photography: Matthias Halibrand

Produced by: [f.u.c.]Film
In Co-Production with: Penny Lane Film, Beleza Film
Production Support by: Volle Pulle Filmproduktion

For the complete crew list go to: Crew United


Ian: Vladimir Burlakov
Keks: Henrike von Kuick
Mia: Lucie Aron
Flo: Florian Bartholomäi
Martin: Jacob Matschenz
Jimmy: Pit Bukowski
Jonas: Albrecht Schuch 
Sandy: Katharina Sporrer
Erik: Maximilian Klas
Liza: Lore Richter
Sebastian: Mario Klischies
The Clerk: Farhad Payar
Benny: Simon Russig
Anne Wald: Sandra Nedeleff
Amanda: Elsa Loy
Homeless Man: Jörg Witte
Angela Green: Isabella Vinet



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