Producer: Angelo D’Agostino,  Penny Lane Film – Austria

After working in Milan as Communication Director for FastForward, Angelo moved to Vienna and joined Penny Lane Film as independent producer and promoter. His field of work foremost includes the development, production and promotion of art house movies. His many years in the field secured a worldwide network of emerging directors and film professionals. Angelo’s background as Business Consultant and Engineer, working for BMW Group and Ford Motor Company in his early years, give additional width to his experience and financial management towards producing indie and risk-controlled quality projects.

In 2012 Angelo collaborated on “True Love”, an US/ITALY co-production featuring John Brotherton (Furios 7) and Ellen Hollman (Spartcus: Vengeance) and in 2013 he produced his first film, “La Vie Nous Appartient”, featuring two young French actors, Alix Bénézech and Florent Arnoult, planned for release in France in Fall 2015.

Angelo was also Associate Producer on “Swelter“, an American production featuring Alfred Molina, Josh Henderson, Vinnie James and Jean Claude Van Damme, and promoted “Chapman”, an independent American feature starring Jesse Johnson (Circle of Eight), Chris Masterson (Malcom in the Middle) and Caitlin Thompson (FlashForward). Along the other projects, Angelo is working in collaboration with senior producers from Austria, Germany, US and Australia, while developing scripts and promoting feature films at film festivals worldwide (see “The Nightless City”, by Alessandra Pescetta).

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